As probably everyone else out there I don´t like to be part of the wheel reinventers club, but sometimes, when you can´t beat them…join them.

In the process of coding for my Masters thesis, which involves having fun with mobile devices and embedded programming on microcontrollers like my NetDuino board, I really needed a super micro, tiny, lightweight…you name it…IoC container specifically crafted for the .Net Micro Framework.

I thought, “this will be an easy task as there are many IoC libraries out there”…Yes…but not for Micro Framework.

The only one I found that seemed to fit my needs had a strong dependency on another 3rd party library for AOP , but when you have only 64k to spend for code storage, optimization clearly becomes the word of the day.

So I took some time to code a very small and simple IoC container that had just the features I needed:
– Lightweight
– Simple Setup
– Singleton “lazy” container
– Constructor and parameters injection
– Named based registration

Say hello to LiteIoC.


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